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Sweden launches a major initiative to accelerate AI-based research and innovation. The central part of this initiative is now being established in Gothenburg, at Lindholmen Science Park. Opening is planned to last quarter of 2018. 

Areas and working groups

The activities will primarily be in four wide application areas. We are now forming a planning group for each area to define prioritized applications, identify relevant data sets and discuss prioritized research questions. The areas are 

  • Technical products and systems
  • Finance and business administration
  • Life sciences, healthcare and medicine
  • Public administration, law, humanities (including ethics), and art.

In parallel, a planning group has been dedicated to the establishment of the data factory. This group will work through issues such as hardware support, data sharing models, data security and integrity, the data generation and annotaton process, and related research areas.


How can we become a partner?

The arena is open to both individuals and teams from academia, industry and the public sector who are involved in AI-related research and innovation activities. To be come a partner and/or participate in working groups, please contact us – see information below. 


Project team

Lindholmen Science Park's project team consist of Maria Hedlund, Vice president, Peter Öhman, COO Martin Svensson, Program director and Johanna Bergman, Project manager. Feel free to contact anyone in the team, their areas of responsibility are listed below.  

Want to know more? Contact us

  • Maria Fuxborg (Hedlund)

    Overall responsible
    All interest in the competence area  Finance and business administration and Life sciences, healthcare and medicine.

    maria [dot] fuxborg [at] lindholmen [dot] se +46 (0)31-764 70 45
  • Peter Öhman

    Overall project management
    Data factory, all interest in the competence area Technical products and systems and academic contacts.

    peter [dot] ohman [at] lindholmen [dot] se +46 (0)31-764 70 14
  • Martin Svensson

    Project manager
    All interest in the competence area Public administration, law, humanities (including ethics), and art, SME and commercial innovation.

    martin [dot] svensson [at] lindholmen [dot] se +46 (0)73-025 52 99