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About AI Innovation of Sweden

Sweden launches a national initiative to accelerate research and innovation in Artificial Intelligence. AI Innovation of Sweden - The collaborative arena & data factory for accelerated AI-based research and innovation - is now being established in Gothenburg at Lindholmen Science Park.

Countries that are successful in utilizing, applying and realizing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and simultaneously managing the risks, will gain significant competitive advantages in the global market. AI will also help make the public sector more efficient and relevant. For these reasons, Sweden is setting up a leading international environment for collaboration on Artificial Intelligence (AI), thereby developing and accelerating the application of AI in society.

Through this initiative, a broad spectrum of organizations from industry, the public sector, healthcare, and academia demonstrate their intention to collaborate on establishing a collaborative arena & data factory in Sweden that will accelerate AI-related applied research and innovation. The intention is also for there to be collaboration with international leaders in Artificial Intelligence and to further strengthen existing, planned and future Swedish initiatives in AI (e.g. WASP, Vinnova, and projects already underway in academia and industry). 

The arena & data factory will:

  • Create a dynamic, world-class environment where access to large amounts of unique and interesting data will attract academic and industrial researchers, as well as research institutes
  • Provide a hub in applied AI-related projects and in generating data for academia, industry and public services
  • Facilitate cross-fertilization of AI expertise between different areas of application
  • Develop methods and an infrastructure for managing large quantities of data and successfully training AI algorithms
  • Maintain a high international profile and collaborate with existing and planned Swedish, Nordic and International AI centers and initiatives

The arena and data factory are open to individuals and teams from academia, industry, start-ups, and the public sector who are involved in AI-related research and innovation activities. Most projects will be part of at least one of the following application areas:

  • Technical products and systems
  • Finance and business administration
  • Life sciences, healthcare and medicine
  • Public administration, law, humanities (including ethics), and art.

The unique aspects of this initiative are its broad scope of application areas, and the co-location of algorithm research with a data factory. These aspects will accelerate research and innovation by providing access to unique and relevant data while facilitating collaboration across traditional application areas. It will also facilitate sharing of both resources, data, and ideas across a wide range of application areas.

Inauguration is planned for the fourth quarter of 2018.

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